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ultrasound immersible transducers,Special Transducers,customized transducer,standard transducers,OEM,ODM,Immersion Transducers,Submersible Transducers, ultrasonic immersible converterWe could supply over 150 types of high power ultrasonic transducers, which covering all Industries application usage and widely suitable to various processors,machines and equipments.Our Transducers features and advantage:1. Outstanding and stable transforming core competence ( high frequency, strong power current from ultrasonic generator to reciprocating vibration mechanical energy);2. More bigger power and larger amplitude output ability,multi-frequency & wideband transducers;3. Good heat dissipation and working performance, widely and various applications in numerous areas;4. Endurance complex working condition and comparatively long life using;If special and unique ultrasonic transducer solution is required, custom-designed transducers will be quoted according to requirements. [Details]
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